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Finding a studio that had it all was almost impossible few years ago. Some studios were well equipped but their booths were disappointing. Others were run by arrogant or unprofessional people. Problems with plug-ins and speakers were so common and to top it all unclean toilets were a big issue. We were motivated to build the perfect studio; one that offers everything to in an elegant manner to our decent clients. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… iStudio.

What if you wanted a studio that has it all? The best equipment that produce the highest fidelity, a cozy both with superb acoustics, the latest technology that would save your time, excellent engineers whose recording, editing and mastering will leave you impressed and above all the VIP treatment you deserve. Few years ago it was impossible to find such a studio, but now… we have iStudio.

What we have

The superb service and friendly atmosphere are essential, but at the end of the day a studio needs to be well-equipped and the best equipment is another point of strength we are proud of.
Be it the recording booth or the control room, we offer nothing but the best.

Clients opinions

We asked some of our regular clients why they always choose iStudio and it wasn’t for one or two reasons. In addition to being happy with the standard of our services, they said that in most cases it’s like a one-stop shop, where they can have so many tasks done. While Heliopolis and Nasr City residents are happy that we are in the area, those who live on the other side of town love how easy iStudio is to access. Everyone is pleased that they always find a parking spot meters away from the studio. Some are thrilled that iStudio is a nonsmoking facility. However, our favorite answer was “the friendly atmosphere makes it feel like home”. Thank you all for being very supportive.



Who Loves Us

Address: 114 Nozha street, Triumph square, Heliopolis, Cairo

Phone: (+02) 01063444446