Ayman Yanny

Sound Engineer - Founder

Born and raised, in Upper Egypt Ayman fell in love with music and sounds in general since childhood, during the days of transistor radio, reel recorders and cassette players. With no experience whatsoever, his passion drove him to use recording devices and work on live performances. In 1990 he had the opportunity to learn proper sound engineering at Cairo’s prestigious Echo Sound studio. Three years later he inaugurated the first studio in Upper Egypt, where he believed he was on a mission to provide facilities and promote quality. Ayman served the whole region from Beni Suef to Aswan and many talents emerged there. Being truly ambitious he decided to further his studies in 2001 in Cairo, then worked in numerous studios, companies and establishments. He was determined to make a difference and present excellent quality to the countless talents he worked with. In 2010 Ayman inaugurated iStudio in Heliopolis and a new chapter began.